Release Date: 01/01/2007

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Album Description

long awaited (and long promised) follow up to ‘energy’

This is my second dance music release. It contains 4 tracks, two of those are short tuneful tracks to get you in the mood. The other 2 tracks are a couple of epic club oriented bass monsters.

This album is released under the creative commons licence agreement which is a new way for musicians to release their music for free yet still retain the copyright and other legal rights.  All you need to know is that its free MP3s!

Album Tracks4 Tracks In Total

  • 1
    keep the music playing

    "keep the music playing" from Re-Energise by sion.

  • 2
    just believe

    "just believe" from Re-Energise by sion.

  • 3
    inside your soul

    "inside your soul" from Re-Energise by sion.

  • 4

    "whatever" from Re-Energise by sion.