My secret book of dark dreams


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the dark side of sion music

My secret book of dark dreams is the soundtrack to your darkest dreams and aspirations

This project is an exploration, an aural realisation that was borne of the darkest parts of the human mind. Each piece of the journey is an interpretation of a depraved or chilling dream. Each dream is narrated here for your contextual enjoyment.

Only the voyager can decide whether these dreams are personal nightmares or aspirations.

This album has not been publicly released however I have included some of the music below.


Let me take you to a dark place

The single bulb swings back and forth as the fetid smell of rot fills the air.

Unnoticed screams gurgle out as the woman begs to be freed.  She already knows that she has to face what is in the next room.

What she’ll witness can NEVER be talked about.

People who encounter ‘it’ rarely survive with their sanity intact. Those that do, will become one of us. We are the circle, we are the keepers.

We abandoned your reality to be here.  But do not fear for it is a true privilege and an honour to serve.

now, SILENCE! … he returns.


Hunter killer

… a nearby payphone rings

“It’s a setup, get out of there, they’ve already coded and released a hunter killer squad”

adrenaline immediately hits, I drop the receiver, turn and run


Interlude I

Cover his eyes so that he may not see the light.

Be at peace now journeyman, rest a while before the inevitable ensues.


7 minute warning

take cover at once when you hear the attack sound

if anyone dies while you are kept in your fallout room, move the body to a different room, label the body with name and address and cover as tightly as possible with polythene, paper sheets or blankets.


Its all happened before, it’ll all happen again

fear not, you are not the first and you will not be the last


Interlude II

Your voyage is nearing it’s end, take solace before the sun rises for tonight you have achieved much and in the morning you will remember nothing.

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    interlude 2 – piano

    "interlude 2 - loss" from My secret book of dark dreams by Sion