Butterflies and rainbows


Release Date: 06/26/2017

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Album Description

This is a collection of music that I’ve wanted to release for a while.  It’s also the perfect antidote to my previous album – My secret book of dark dreams.

Most of it is lush laid back ambient or chillout music to calm the soul.  However the first track entitled ‘the cycle of life’ is the odd one out here. It is an audio story through the phases of someones life.  Beginning with childhood innocence, teenage awakening, hedonistic 20s and on through to calmer contentment and serenity that only comes with time and experience.  Finally death.  The best way to enjoy this track is to watch the video.

For those of you that know my Smoky Jazz Dub album there is a bonus – I have found a track recorded at the time that didn’t make it on to the album as well as an ending to the track titled ‘countdown’ that I edited out at the time as it didn’t fit within the context of the final album.

I hope you enjoy the music, I have more to release in the future if there is anyone out there is listening.


..:: Sion ::..

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