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a journey from inner to outer space

This project is a journey that begins from the deepest part of your mind, inner space.  From there you will gradually transcend to higher levels of depth and from there taken to outer space.

This album is a collection of my best ambient works written between 2000 and 2009.

To me ambient music is the most powerful form of music, no other form of music is able to get inside your mind and manipulate your mood as easily and strongly as ambient.  It can’t invoke every mood, but it can certainly be used to bring about a calm environment, or a melancholic mood, introspection, contemplation or sadness.  It can also evoke a sense of freedom and floating, a detachment from reality, it can bring about an almost trance like meditative state or simply make you sleep.

For me ambient music is very personal, I write in many styles, but I can only write ambient music when I am in a sad or melancholic frame of mind.  Many of these songs are linked to poignant events or periods of my life that are reflected in the music.

Many of these songs are purposely long and slow, very subtle with minor changes and transitions, whilst some are more structured and defined.  If you don’t enjoy ambient music you may not like this album, if you’ve never listened to an ambient album I hope you enjoy this one, and for those of you that do enjoy ambient I hope I have created something that you can take away and listen to time and again.


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